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Hello, Am from AMC Six Sigma Pvt. Ltd. We are an advertising and Marketing firm for financial products. We work for customer awareness, products awareness, financial products promotions for various marketing and advertisement companies.

Insurance Promotion

We deals in Insurance Promotion, Lead Generation, Insurance Awareness Advertisement and Campaigns

Lead Generation

We do Lead Generation for Personal Loan, Home Loan, Car Loan, Education Loan, Micro Loan and Business Loan Lead and Credit Card etc.

Start boosting your business

We market and generate leads for you

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How AMC Six Sigma Helps its clients?

We enhance awareness by educating customers with the features and benefits of the products offered by our clients.

An informed customer can take better decisions. So, when we increase customer’s awareness with product knowledge, he can wisely opt for most suitable products and features for themselves.

Our Clients

We are working with all the top insurance companies of India.

Real testimonials from our clients.

Here are some of the feedback about our services from our lovely clients. 


Good Services and nice experience with the services.

Cindy J. Powell

I really like how they deal with people to explain insurance. 

Olivia M. Lewis

This was my first time and really liked them. I will rate it 5 star.

David L. Brown